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Beer Steins and German Culture 2015 Mar 25

Beer is the common man’s drink in Germany. It is considered to be the national beverage of Germany. So the Germans are attached to beer at all levels of their being – physical, emotional and sentimental. Beer is consumed in Germany with such an ardor that it becomes an obsession with the Germans.

Germans take great pride in recounting their centuries-old beer history and the fabulous tradition associated with it. As a result, they will not bear with any kind of tampering with the production or selling of this popular drink. … read more

Beer Steins and German Culture

German Beer Steins through the Ages 2015 Mar 18

German beer steinsThe ordinary beer mugs turned into beer-drinking vessels called beer steins from the 14th century after the holocaust caused by the bubonic plague from 1340 to 1380. It was found that the main cause of this large scale annihilation of human life was unhygienic conditions prevailed in Europe at that time.

Soon after the plague, a hoard of small flies plagued central Europe. So by the year 1500 a law was passed in Germany that all the food containers should have lids. So the beer mugs also acquired lids fitted with a thumb flick or easy opening of the container. This was the origin of the German beer steins. … read more

Oktoberfest and Beer Steins 2015 Feb 16

In 1810 the crown prince Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxe - Hildburghausen. To honor the couple a large festival was organized and the citizens of Munich took part in the merriment accompanying the royal wedding.

Horse races were conducted in the honor of the royal couple and there was general merriment for many days. The next year also the horse race was conducted and then on it became a custom and thus originated the Oktoberfest which proceeded to become the largest Volksfest or "People’s Fair". … read more

Oktoberfest, Germany


History of Beer Steins in Germany 2015 Feb 05

The end of the Black Plague found Europe with lesser population but a huge surplus of grains. These grains were then brewed in large scale and beer became the principal drink. The mugs or tankards used then were made of various materials. The rich people could afford pewter, glass and silver mugs for consuming their liquor while the poor people had to be satisfied with wood and earthen mugs.

Evolution of beer steins with lid

Somewhat large mugs were always used to consume beer. But after the plague, there was a period of a ‘fly-invasion’ in many parts of Europe. People had already found out the importance of hygiene after the bubonic plague. So laws were passed for all the food and … read more

Beer History and Beer Steins 2015 Jan 29

Beer – that frothing golden liquid is one of the oldest beverages developed by man. His consumption of this liquor is recorded in history as early as 5th century BC. Since then it has become the most popular beverage the world over.

The oldest existing beer recipe contains very few ingredients such as water, barley and bread. Beer which was produced and consumed on a domestic scale began to be brewed on a large scale and became a commercial product by 7th century AD. By the end of 19th century beer brewing became a full-fledged industry. … read more

What are Beer Steins Made Of? 2014 Sep 03

Quintessentially, a question for every beer stein connoisseur: what is it made of? Let’s look at history to find the answer.

Wooden Beer Steins

A German beer stein in earlier times was finished out of natural materials like pure wood or stoneware. These beer steins were distributed among the patrons in the inns or pubs. These were not sturdy and never lasted long. They would putrefy easily, crack, and break eventually.

Stoneware Steins

As the earthenware beer steins were porous, the material soaked the beer, which gave off a stench subsequently. The ceramic steins are also present from the initial times, but their prices were escalated, so that very few people owned any piece. … read more

How to Clean and handle your German Beer Stein 2014 Sep 03

One of your most prized collectible since generations, the brilliantly adorned and ornamented german beer stein entails utmost care and handling the priceless piece dexterously. Let’s discuss the vital aspects of proper display and cleaning these gorgeous objects of vanity.

Display of Steins

Display your beer steins with closed lids, as they ward off the aging course and the incessant damage in comparison to open lids exhibits. Closed lids prevent oxidation of the interior body of the stein and hence stop the irrevocable staining process on the steins. … read more

Why Authentic Beer Steins are an Excellent Gifting Idea 2014 Sep 03

Why Authentic Beer Steins are an Excellent Gifting Idea

Birthdays and weddings are happy occasions nevertheless but for the ones who are invited to be a part of the celebration, ‘what to gift’ often becomes a dilemma that takes a little fun out of the excitement.

Most of us would like our gift to be something unusual that can be remembered and kept as a memoir for years to come, but with every passing wedding, the ideas get repetitive and thus the need to find fresh ones, bigger.

Emerging from this very need is the concept of gifting an authentic beer stein. If the birthday boy or groom in question is a beer lover or even a beer drinker, he will absolutely love this unusual yet very useful gift and will probably own and treasure it for as long as he can. … read more

How to Identify and Authenticate Heritage German Beer Steins 2014 Sep 03

Whether you are buying them to add to your collection of souvenirs or for the purpose of consuming your favourite beverage, either way it is important that when purchasing German heritage beer steins, you are equipped with enough knowledge to pick the ones that are original and authenticated and not end up with the ones that are cheap but ‘hard to tell apart’ copies.

Just like most other collectibles that could cost hundreds of dollars, authentic beer steins too could be an expensive purchase and would cost anywhere upward of $110 where as spin-offs and imitations could cost far less. The price is thus one of the biggest indicators of their genuineness. … read more

For German Beer Lovers Its All In The Glass 2014 Sep 03

Most of you would not be aware that the beer changes its aroma, taste and color as it is being poured into a glass.

The glassware that is used to drink different kinds of beer could reflect national traditions, it may be a form of art, or it could be for easy maintenance such as washing, stacking and avoiding breakage. It could also reflect legislation regarding serving measures, used in drinking competitions or used as a novel product to drink.

The Head of the Glassware

The froth created by serving a beer acts as a net for many of the volatiles in a beer. Compounds such as all kinds of yeast, hop oils and byproducts like fruity esters, alcohol, fusels and spices are called volatile substances. These tend to escape from the beer while being poured. So a glass that creates healthy foam head helps in trapping these volatiles. … read more

Innovative Beer Glass Gifting Ideas 2014 Sep 03

There are always special occasions where you want to gift your loved ones something unique. You want this present to be affordable, functional and most importantly personalized. Weddings and birthdays are happy occasions wherein those who are invited to be a part of the celebration are always on the hunt for memorable gifting ideas.

Personalized beer glasses make a practical gift that one can enjoy. If the birthday boy or groom in question is a beer lover he will absolutely love this unusual yet very useful gift. He will probably own and treasure it for as long as he can. From pilsners, tumblers, steins, mugs and tankards, you can personalize your gift right down the shape of the glass. … read more

Your Ultimate Survival Guide for Oktoberfest 2013 2014 Sep 03

Attending the Oktoberfest in Munich and sipping on a cold one in one of the German pewter beer steins has been your lifelong dream that is finally coming true! However, with millions of other equally thrilled visitors, some of whom are regulars, who flock to the grounds to enjoy the fabulous beers, German foods and activities that take place; having a basic strategy can always help. … read more

Your Essential Guide to Drinking Beer - How Temperature Matters 2014 Sep 03

With a myriad of styles and types of beers that exist in the world, the biggest question with respect to serving revolves around the temperature. In most cases, drinkers have their own preferences that may be varying. This is possible since there aren’t many stringent norms with respects to the ideal serving temperatures as experienced with wine.

Said that, this is a general guide on what is the universally accepted norm that is in no way an absolute truth. … read more

Essential Guide to being the Practical Beer Stein Collector 2014 Sep 03

The first significant collections of beer steins date back to the mid 1800s where museums sought out examples of exquisite art from the Renaissance. It was after this that private collectors started cropping up willing to pay surprisingly high prices for the right steins.

What Kind of Collector are you?

If you intend to buy a stein only on an occasional basis and are flexible about the nature and type of the stein, then you can simply visit antique shops and shows to find the best pieces. On the other hand, if you have specific objectives with regards to creating a planned collection, it would be ideal to start working towards developing contacts of other collectors and dealers who have the knowledge that you can trust. … read more

Your Guide to Hosting an Unforgettable Oktoberfest Themed Party! 2014 Sep 03

Attending the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich has been on your bucket list for quite some time. But with each passing year you just don’t know when you will ever be able to make the trip. So what? With a little bit of enthusiasm and some basic planning, you can easily host an Oktoberfest celebration on your own this autumn!

The real Oktoberfest is kicked off with the tapping of a beer keg. The festival consists of exquisite German food, music, dance, rides and a whole lot of beer. Following these steps will allow you to throw one of the most unforgettable Oktoberfest celebrations in town! … read more

Is my German Beer Stein Real? 2014 Sep 03

The last time you were on a trip to Germany, you chanced upon some exquisite beer steins for sale. Now that you are home, you are not sure if your collectibles are real vintage steins made in the old fashioned way.

An evident indicator of the authenticity of your German steins is the price. Obviously, the cost of an authentic stein will be very different from … read more

All you Need to Know About German Beer Steins 2014 Sep 03

German Beer steins are traditional stoneware beer mugs. They are beautifully ornamented and usually sold as collectibles or souvenirs. The word stein is derived from the German word “Steingut” which means stoneware.

History of the German Stein:

The Government had enacted a law to prevent the great black/bubonic plague from recurring which had hit Europe in 14th century. This law stated that all beverage containers must be covered when the drink is not being consumed. The German beer glasses were a creation which came out of the necessity put forward by this law … read more



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