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Berlin Carnival of Cultures

Berlin, Germany accommodates a heterogeneous community. It contains thousands of emigrants from about 180 countries. So the people belong to many assorted ethnic groups, cultures and practices. So in Kreuzberg, Berlin, every year an exuberant carnival of cultures is conducted to instill the spirit of unity in its social diversity. This colorful pageant is conducted every year over the Whitsun week end.

This is a celebration, which is participated by all the locals and visitors from around the world, who come to Berlin specially to witness the vibrant street fair. During the carnival of cultures the streets of Berlin brim with revelers from all over the world, as well as Germans.

When you look back at the history of this festival, you will see that it is a celebration which is almost two decades old. It was first organized on the 15th and 16th May 1996. Then the enthusiasm with which the people took part in it was highly inspiring and the fete was repeated every year with increasing verve and participation.

Thus the carnival of cultures became a grand tradition for the Germans and they celebrated this festival of unity in diversity every year with vim and vigor. As years went by the celebration began to gain length and as a result now the carnival of cultures is a four day celebration. During this festival people from different cultures exhibit the specialties of their cultures in various ways.

The parades and masquerades that take place on the streets of Berlin surpass all the other festivals in Germany, in its colorfulness and spirit. People come out in large numbers wearing spectacular make-ups and masks. The street performances are often exotic and without comparison. It is more populous and gaudier than any other German festival of the same sort.

A number of musical and operatic performances are organized to mark the magnificent festival. The grand parade that takes place on the Whitsunday, in connection with this carnival of cultures is extremely flamboyant. Myriads of group displays add color to the carnival. People belonging to different cultures take part in the parade wearing their varied traditional costumes.

On this day a number of extravagantly decorated street floats, displays and traditional and folk dances drift majestically through the streets of Berlin, attracting a huge crowd of spectators. The procession brings out hundreds of dancers and other performers, both professionals and amateurs. The multihued and vivid costumes worn by the different ethnic groups offer an incredible visual treat.


The imposing nature of the parade is certainly the most obvious feature of the carnival; at the same time various stalls offering a taste of traditional and characteristic German cuisine is another important feature of the carnival of cultures. You get to taste all the special dishes from all the different cultural groups of the city.

The food and German beer are the main attractions coveted by the thousands of tourists that come to Berlin during the carnival of cultures. The 2015 carnival of cultures parade is to take place on the 24th May. If you plan to visit Germany in the near future, this is the right time to experience the incredible cultural diversity of Germany.

by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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