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Essential Guide to being the Practical Beer Stein Collector

The first significant collections of beer steins date back to the mid 1800s where museums sought out examples of exquisite art from the Renaissance. It was after this that private collectors started cropping up willing to pay surprisingly high prices for the right steins.

What Kind of Collector are you?

If you intend to buy a stein only on an occasional basis and are flexible about the nature and type of the stein, then you can simply visit antique shops and shows to find the best pieces. On the other hand, if you have specific objectives with regards to creating a planned collection, it would be ideal to start working towards developing contacts of other collectors and dealers who have the knowledge that you can trust.

Building a Collection Strategy

It is easy make your hobby of collecting German steins a lucrative method of investment. Steins in the 1960s and 70s proved to be extremely good investments when compared to other antiques as well as investment alternatives. This changed in the 80s when the value of other antique items grew more rapidly. However, the price of antique steins continued to remain steady, proving them to be reliable performers.

Many collectors enjoy creating pairs or sets, especially for steins that are rarer and intricately designed. This arrangement enhances the appeal of your investment and provides potential buyers an additional dimension worth considering.

Also, if you are collector and not an investor, it is important that you consider factors such as size, types and materials to find the perfect balance between the similarities and the diversity of your collection. As a collector you must consider your personal preferences as against what is rare, in fashion or expensive. If you are like your purchase, it will be easier for you to find a way to display it.

Guide to Buying Steins

  1. Perform a basic research before you start buying your steins. With a number of publications and online portals that discuss prices at auctions for pieces similar to the ones you are considering. This is a great way to assess whether or not you are receiving a fair value for the money you are spending.

  2. Make sure you take it consideration any defects that may exist in the piece. Acquire a fair discount on the stein accordingly. With modern techniques and materials it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect repaired defects. Many sellers do not feel obligated to point out these defects, making it all the important for buyers to get smart while identifying collectible pieces.

Whether you intend to purchase through an auction or online remember that lack of knowledge by the buyer may result in wasted expenses even in situations when the dealer is honest.

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