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For German Beer Lovers Its All In The Glass

Most of you would not be aware that the beer changes its aroma, taste and color as it is being poured into a glass.

The glassware that is used to drink different kinds of beer could reflect national traditions, it may be a form of art, or it could be for easy maintenance such as washing, stacking and avoiding breakage. It could also reflect legislation regarding serving measures, used in drinking competitions or used as a novel product to drink.

The Head of the Glassware

The froth created by serving a beer acts as a net for many of the volatiles in a beer. Compounds such as all kinds of yeast, hop oils and byproducts like fruity esters, alcohol, fusels and spices are called volatile substances. These tend to escape from the beer while being poured. So a glass that creates healthy foam head helps in trapping these volatiles.

Different Types of Beer Glassware

  • Pint Glasses

    These are cylindrical with a wide mouth and a slight taper at the bottom. These are the most commonly used glasses.

  • Weizen or Stein Glasses

    The German, Austrian and Swizz beer drinkers use Weizen Glasses. These are generally taller than the pint glasses. Beer Steins area a traditional mug made of earthenware, porcelain, silver, wood, or crystal glass. German beer mugs stoneware also make for great collectibles. German pewter beer steins come in the size of half liter to one liter.

  • Pilsner Glasses

    Pilsner glasses are tall, slender and narrow. However, they are smaller than pint glasses and are usually used to serve light beers.

  • Snifter

    This is a wide-bowled and stemmed glass with a tapered mouth. This glass design is best for capturing the aromas of volatile beers.

  • Stange

    This tall and slender cylinder/ stange glasses are used to serve delicate beers.

  • Beer Boot

    Beer Boot glass comes with a lot of history and culture. It is often passed amongst the guests for a festive drinking challenge after a successful battle win.

  • Flute glass

    These narrow shaped glasses are essentially used to serve fruit beers as it displays sparkling color, carbonation and soft lacing style.

  • Chalice

    They are large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses adequate for serving heavy and big sipping beers.

  • Tulip glass

    A Tulip glass has large heads and creates a visual and promotes olfactory sensation and recommended for strong beers.

  • Krug

    Krug means mug or tankard and is referred to a jug or pitcher. It is usually large and made of sturdy glass.

Different formsof glassware designs follow a number of functional and aesthetic requirements. They also complement various styles of beer based on factors such as color, foam; or aromatic volatiles. Also, most beer glassware comes with a stem or handle which prevents body heat from warming the beer.

by Marina Chernyak



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