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Shopping in Germany

Shopping in Germany can be a completely different experience for people who are used to shop till late at night. The shopping hours in Germany are very limited. What’s more, in most cases you may find your credit and debit cards useless, as there are not many places you can use them for shopping. It is better to equip yourself with an ample amount of ready cash.

However, these are not reasons enough to ward you off shopping for some of the truly German products which you cannot get anywhere else. There are many characteristic items that you may want to buy. But look out for imitations. There are no restrictions in the German markets as to how genuine the products must be. All items are allowed. But for procuring souvenirs or collectibles you need to make sure that the items are authentic. Any bona fide German things will have stamps or imprints ‘Made in Germany’ or ‘Made in Deutschland’. If you find something with the label or sticker saying ‘Designed in Germany’, steer clear of these, as they will be worthless as souvenirs or collectibles.

The typically German things consist of the much celebrated cuckoo clocks, nut crackers and beer steins. Another thing worthy of buying is the unique Christmas decorations and pewter objects. Christmas markets are wonderful places where all the merriment of the divine birth is celebrated through flashy Christmas decorations and Santas of all sizes and postures. The German Christmas decorations are renowned all over the world.

Apart from these, you get beautiful handmade tapestries and locally made ornaments. The colorful scarves are another specialty of the German souvenir market.

Beer is the most popular drink in Germany. The Germans brew beers of different flavors and varied colors. No German festival goes without the consumption of a copious quantity of beer. The Germans take great pride in their Beer steins.

Beer steins in Germany have a colorful history and the factories release special editions of beer steins periodically. These are not only considered as a drink holder, but they are held in high esteem by the collectors of the world. So when you visit Germany it becomes almost mandatory to bring back a beer stein or two. The beer steins in Germany bear its history on their reliefs.


by Marina Chernyak


Marina Chernyak
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