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Long Night of Museums – Berlin

Visiting museums is always extremely fulfilling because a lot of historical, cultural and artistic knowledge can be gleaned from the visit. You can have a close observation of a countries cultural, social and technical background by visiting its museums. But visiting museums in the night will yield a unique experience. The Long night of museums, Berlin is an extraordinary nocturnal event that is organized in Berlin at the end of September.

The long night of museums 2015 is scheduled for 29th September from 6 pm to 2 am. During this event the visitors are offered an unmatched experience of exploring several museums in one night. You will be able to see world famous and rare collections and installations and you may encounter unexpected and peculiar incidents that will surprise you and fascinate you at the same time.

More than 120 museums of Berlin join together and display their wonderful exhibits during unusual hours of the night. This exhibition is partly for attracting new patrons for the museums. The Long night of museums started in 1997 when the re-united Berlin decided to have a special cultural event. It started with about 12 museums at that time, to be followed by a large number of new participating museums every year. At present the number of the participating museums is over 120. Besides, the success of this cultural event inspired many more European cities to follow the example and have such nocturnal exhibitions of their own. This peculiar event has found popularity even in Argentina and Philippines.

The exhibitions are conducted in diverse centers. The classical temples of culture on Museum Island are considered to be an important part of this event. Apart from such formal museums, you will also be allowed to visit a number of private collections during this night. You can wander through the artists’ workshops and witness how a magnificent painting is made. During this amazing night you are liberty to visit various factories and bunkers.

People of all ages and tastes will have something or the other to entertain them. The young people can have a great time attending the concerts and performances and the children can pursue their own special activities like looking through a giant telescope or minting their own coins.

The state museum of Berlin has taken extra efforts to make this fest a tourist friendly one. The visitors are issued one common ticket with which they can visit all the venues. Not only that, you need not worry about the means of transport from one venue to another because a free shuttle bus service is in place during this event to transport you.

The visitors and tourists are welcomed in a grand manner by the museums. They organize tea parties and other celebrations to make the visitors feel at ease. You can have customized tours if you desire it. The state museum of Berlin will see to that. There are many friendly guides to conduct you through this night of wonders. On the way the visitors are provided with enough relaxation in the drink stalls and temporary bars. The long night of museums is an event which should never be missed by the lovers of art and culture.

by Marina Chernyak


Marina Chernyak
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