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How to Know the Authenticity of 1001 Shops Murano Glass Items

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the oldest online dealers in Genuine European Artifacts. Founded and established at the dawn of the 21st century, we are honor-bound to bring only authentic pieces of art to our customers. In accordance with that, we have left no stone unturned in order to present our customers with priceless pieces from Italy, Germany and France.

The Murano glass articles are among our most celebrated merchandises. The superior art of glass blowing evolved greatly in the beautiful Island of Murano, one of the most scenic islands in the Adriatic Sea. The glass art turned many a page in this island under the guardianship of the greatest glass masters ever lived.

How we choose our products

We are determined to bring you art pieces that are crafted by the Murano artisans who never digressed from the age-old techniques of the ancient Murano tradition. We are in constant association with the most reputable glass furnaces in Murano. This helps us to choose the most modern pieces as well as traditional ones. Our contacts always keep us posted with the news of new products and limited editions whenever they are released. This is the secret of our introducing such products before any of our competitors.

Our Choices are Always Hands-on

The frequent visits conducted by our managerial personnel to the Island of Murano provides us with the opportunity to select items after seeing and handling them personally by the staff. This leaves no chance for the counterfeit items to get into our collection. The people in our purchasing team are well-trained in the matters of art pieces and their authenticity.

Authenticity of 1001 Shops Murano Glass Items

We deal in only 100% authentic Murano glass articles. Choosing them is a job that calls for genuine knowledge in the production and certification of the Murano glass articles. We select only the articles that have the stamp of the consortium of glass artists. Our inventory includes only the items that are accompanied by the relevant certificates of authenticity.

Our Efforts to Educate the Customers about Authenticity

In our blog you will find many relevant articles that will give you the concise history of the Island of Murano and evolution of glass blowing on the island. It is always good to know about the incredibly intricate techniques of Murano glass blowing and it is all the more essential for a hobbyist to know about the various artistic methods by which these delicately beautiful objects are fashioned. It will help you in selecting the pieces that carry collectable value.

You will get all the information you want about how to ensure the authenticity of the Murano glass objects you buy. Apart from it, you will also read about various glass masters and their companies. All these will help you recognize the genuine articles and take informed decisions on the purchases.

In short, apart from providing customers with only genuine Murano glass art pieces, 1001 shop is determined to help them evade fraudulent dealers. We are resolute to serve our customers in every way we can.

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