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 Appreciating a great beer in a fine beer stein is a pleasure enjoyed by beer aficionados around the world who understand how the right stein truly enhances the beer drinking experience. 

Beer Steins Originated in Germany
Germany is celebrated around the world for its great beer and beautiful steins. Traditionally, beer steins are made of stoneware and have been collected and coveted by beer drinkers for centuries.Authentic steins are also made of glass, pewter, porcelain, even some materials you’d never expect to drink out of – we’ve heard of and seen some wooden ones in our time, for example….
A Quick History
In the 1500s, beer was consumed heartily – almost 2 liters a day per person and ornamental beer steins created by Renaissance artists become very popular. It wasn’t long before Tankards were decorated with shields and historical, allegorical and biblical scenes. Beer drinking became a pleasure for the eyes and that tradition continues today.
Traditional steins– what we think of as German beer steins – usually have a pewter lid with a thumb-lever so they can be lifted and opened with one hand. The lid started as a sanitary practice and today they are highly prized and no beer collection is really complete with some, or many (at least in our humble opinion!) of these beautiful authentic steins.
Tremendous Selection
Some beer steins are intricately designed, some are whimsical, many are thematic. We carry the largest selection you’ll find anywhere - we’ve got something to please everyone. Here at we stock a huge inventory – the largest you’ll find anywhere, so you can’t visit without finding an authentic German stein to fall in love with – for yourself or as a gift – we’re certain of it.
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Sometimes you prefer to appreciate or serve a beer in a pilsner glass or a beer mug. We’re in business to bring you the highest quality beer mugspilsners and beer glasses including tankards and beer steins of every description. Truly – if you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist! 
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Beer steins make great gift for any occasion in a beer connoisseur’s life. 
Whether you’re looking for a traditional German Beer Stein or maybe something fun and unusual – you can search by PRICE, CATEGORY, and BEST SELLERS AND SALES and find something that will suit your taste and your budget. 
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